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Student Admissions

Admission to any programme in the university is done according to well laid down procedures. The admission options available to prospective students are as follows:-

Undergraduate Module I Students (Sponsored by the Kenyan Government): This is done through the national Joint Admission Board (JAB), the body that does admission of students for all public universities in Kenya.

Undergraduate Module II (SELF Sponsored) Students: Because the government sponsorship can cater for very few qualifying candidates, the university gives an option for self sponsorship. In this option, the admission will be done internally at the university. To apply for any undergraduate programme as a self sponsored student, you can obtain an application form from UNES offices upon payment of application fee. You could download the application form by clicking on the link below, and pay the application fee as you submit the completed form for processing .

Download the undergraduate self sponsored student application form here

For more information, visit the prospective undergraduate student page.

Postgraduate Students: Admission to any postgraduate programme at the university is carried out by the Board of Postgraduate Studies (BPS) in close consultancy with the relevant school or faculty.

To apply for a postgraduate admission, application forms can be collected from the BPS/UNES upon payment of application fee. The forms can also be downloaded from the link below, and the application fee paid while submitting the completed forms.

Download the postgraduate application form here

For more information, visit the prospective postgraduate student page.