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Research Grants

The vision, mission and core values of the University demonstrates the importance placed upon research activities within the University. The University is highly regarded by other local and International research institutions which collaborates in funding research activities.

The financial management of research grants awards is done at Grants Office, which is a section within the Finance Department. The financial Management involves keeping of records relating to research funds received, the proposed budget which form the basis of funding and disbursement of funds and submitting financial reports. All the information relating to grants awards, the financiers, the grants principal investigators, contact persons, budgets and reports are centrally kept at Grants Office of the University.

Funds allocations depend on the merits of proposals. Researchers have to directly make a formal request for an award of a grant from within the University or from the external donors. The proposal must be accompanied with the budget and time frame for the research. All research proposals seeking external/internal grants must be channeled through the chairman of departments and Deans of faculties and each successful award agreement must be signed by the VC. The University will examine the contract including the budget in order to ensure that the clauses therein comply in material respects to the policies and procedures of the University before signing the agreement.

The proposed project if approved, will be administered by the University in accordance with the existing financial regulations and policies of University of Nairobi. The University of Nairobi maintains a financial system which captures all financial data that relates to the research work and pre- approved budgets. The system ensures monitoring of performance with the terms and conditions of contract and allows proper evaluation and progress reporting.


If you wish to make a donation to the University of Nairobi, kindly contact the Vice-Chancellor's office.

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