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Student Handbook

The 2006/2007 Students Information Handbook has been prepared as a guide for students at the University of Nairobi.
Download it here


i) Rules and Regulations

Examinations are very important component of a students academic life and students are expected to familiarize themselves with examination rules and regulations in the courses they have chosen and that they have fulfilled all the examination requirements in each semester.

ii)       Registration

At the start of each semester (within the first three weeks) every student must register for courses and the examinations that they are due to take during that semester, by filling in the relevant forms at the Deans offices. It is important that students get the right information from their respective faculties on the examinations they are expected to take in each semester.

iii)       Attendance

Students should note that they are required to attend all courses they are registered in and to take the requisite continuous assessment tests in those courses in order to be allowed to sit the end of semester examinations.

iv)  Problems

A student who experiences a problem, writing which is likely to affect his/her examination performance (i.e. sickness, bereavement etc.) must report before sitting the examinations such problems in writing to the Chairman of the Department offering the courses the student is taking and to the Dean of the Faculty. Any problem that is reported after the examination results are known will not be admissible for examination appeals.

v) Examination Cards

Every student who is registered for university examinations will be issued with an examination card by their respective faculty. This card must be produced at each examination sitting.

vi)        Lateness

  • Lateness to examination venues will not be tolerated and no student will be allowed to enter an examination 30 minutes after the start of an examination, and also no student will be allowed to leave the examination room during the last 30 minutes of the examination.
  • Students are advised to ensure that at no time do they carry unauthorized materials such as notes, books, handbags, mobile phones etc. into the examination rooms.

vii) Cheating

Any student caught cheating in examination e.g. by copying, having or making reference to unauthorized materials, communicating to other students verbally or through other means will be expelled from the University, and shall not be eligible for admission to any other programmes of the university.

viii) Answer Books

Student must not take examination answer books from the examination rooms.

ix)        Examination Results

Provisional examination results may be obtained from the respective office of the Dean of Faculty.

 x)      Academic Transcripts

Academic Transcripts are available at the end of each academic year and are issued on application by the Academic Registrar.


Student Identification Information

Student Identity Card

After the registration formalities and payment of the identity card charges, every student is issued with a student identity card bearing

his/her picture and name, registration number, the course and faculty registered in and the duration of the course. The identity card allows easy identification of students and gives the student access to various university services (e.g. the library, the student clinic, the halls of residence etc.). Every student must ensure that they have their student identity card at all times and that the card has the correct information and is valid for the duration the student is in university.

Loss of Identity Card

A student who loses his/her university identity card will be required to report the loss to a police station and acquire an abstract. They will also be required to report the loss to their faculty offices from where they get a letter confirming the loss and their student status. After getting these two documents the student should report to the faculty library for a clearance note to indicate that the card is not held in the library.

After that the student reports to the Admissions Office (main campus) for a re-issue of the student card upon payment of the relevant fee.

Re-Arrangement / Correction / Change of name(s)

Do you wish to do a Re-Arrangement / Correction / Change of your name(s)

Students who wish to do any of the above should follow the guidelines below:-

  1. Download the name correction form at the link below
  2. This form should be completed and returned to the Admissions Office.
  3. The student must attach the relevant documents as indicated in the form and as guided below.
  4. Re-arange/correct your name
    Students must attach copies of: -
    Letter of Admission, KCSE certificate/Result slip, National ID/Passport

    Change/Add/Drop another name
    Students must attach copies of: -
    Letter of Admission, KCSE certificate/Result slip, National ID/Passport, an Affidavit or Birth Certificate or Marriage Certificate

  5. The form should be completed in Block letters.

Download here : Name Correction Form